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On Us

Coffee Roasting Maresca caffè srl was founded in 1920 following the split of the F.lli snc Maresca.

  • High Quality

The versatility of the mixture, the pursuit of excellence , value for money , all makes coffee Maresca a product widely appreciated not only in the area of Sorrento and Capri, but also in Germany and the Netherlands , where it is exported for many years.

  • Versatility 

is able to customize every mixture according to the single coffee shop request based on the habits of the customers.

Why people choose Maresca Caffè

Years of Activity

A company that has been operating in the Sorrento peninsula since 1920 when roasting was made using olive wood..

Artigianal Products

obtained respecting the natural times of the coffee both in the toasting and cooling phase.

We care for our custumers

We always keep our promises to our customers.

Our Brand

The choice of the golden eagle, in the act of spreading the wings, as a trademark to characterize the line of products marketed by the company, is a metaphor for a coffee that aims to reach ever higher heights.

  • High Quality Product

The company's mission is to guarantee quality products through constant attention to all phases of the production process, which takes place mainly in an artisanal way, combining competence, experience and passion.

  • 100% Natural Coffee

The coffee is toasted and packaged in the Sorrento Peninsula.

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