100 Decaffeinated pods

  • 🏁 High quality decaffeinated coffee blend.

  • 👑 Pack of 100 universal pods compatible ese dm 44

  • ✔️ Selection of the best decaffeinated green coffees. Especially quality: Santos, Mexico, Colombia supreme

  • ☕ you can see the difference and above all you can hear it

  • 🎯 Perfect for those who want to drink a coffee with personality, with a sweet and persistent taste and an unmistakable aroma

Price: € 25.00

Decaffeinated pods compatible with all ese44 dm pod coffee machines, obtained from the blend of natural decaffeinated green coffees. For a full-bodied creamy espresso with a balanced and round taste. Artisanal roasting that enhances its aroma and characterizes the full-bodied and creamy taste.