Granaroma blend. Package of 1 kg of coffee in beans

  • 🏁 High quality Gran Aroma blend.

  • 👑 1 kg package of roasted coffee beans with aroma-saving valve

  • ✔ Selection of the best Arabica and Robusta quality green coffees. In particular: Colombia, Santos, supreme Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Uganda

  • 🇮🇹 Processo di tostatura ARTIGIANALE che preserva inalterato l'aroma e il gusto del caffè

  • ☕ you can see the difference and above all you can feel it

  • 🎯 Perfect for those who want to drink a coffee with a sweet and persistent taste and an unmistakable and decisive aroma

Price: € 18.99
Caffè Maresca Gran Aroma blend is produced in the Sorrento Peninsula through a mainly artisanal process. Great importance in the production of this blend is aimed at choosing the best green coffees. In particular, the qualities of Arabica that compose it are appropriately selected from the best harvests of Central America and Africa of the reefs. The roasting process still takes place in an artisanal way and this gives the coffee a unique and inimitable aroma and a sweet and persistent taste. The versatility of the blend and the pursuit of excellence make Maresca coffee the Gran Aroma blend highly appreciated not only in the Sorrento peninsula and Capri, but also in Germany and Holland where it has been exported for many years.