Mokapiù blend. Package of 500 gr coffee grinded

  • 🏁 High quality Mokapiù blend

  • 👑 500 gr  vacuum-packed ground coffee for moka 

  • 🌎 Selection of the best Arabica and Robusta quality green coffees. In particular: Colombia, Santos, Honduras, Uganda

  • 🇮🇹 ARTISAN roasting process that preserves the aroma and taste of the coffee unaltered

  • ☕ you can see the difference and above all you can hear it

  • 🎯Perfect for those who want to drink a full-bodied and creamy coffee

Price: € 6.49
The Maresca Mokapiù blend coffee is produced through a mainly artisanal roasting process. Packaged in 500 gr bags, this blend is produced starting from the choice of the best quality green coffees. You can appreciate the sweet and full-bodied taste and the strong aroma that give this blend unique characteristics.